A warm greeting. Laughter. Lively chatter. The sound of glasses making a toast. Profound, serious discussions. Spontaneous humour. A dinner party is always a unique moment. You like to prepare everything to the finest detail, because the small things make a dinner successful. Crystal wine glasses. The presentation of the dishes. Music. And outstanding cutlery. A cutlery set by Keltum completes your dinner party. Pure quality in silver-plated or quality high-grade steel, forged to perfection. The art of dining is in the detail.


The foundation for Koninklijke Van Kempen & Begeer was laid in 1777, when Johannes Mattheüs van Kempen became a silversmith apprentice. In 1789, he was accepted into the guild as a master, allowing him to use his own master mark, the start of a tradition in craftsmanship that has lasted for centuries. In 1858 the company received the designation "Royal” from King William III. In 1936, the first silver-plated products were produced under the brand of Keltum and, from that time, the brand has increasingly focussed on culinary culture. The traditional method for obtaining superior quality has been preserved and perfected over the course of time. You can still see this in today’s Keltum cutlery.

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